Elmospirit learning path

The Elmo Learning Snowboarding Basics application is intended mainly for snowboarding beginners. The application can also be used by alpine skiing instructors to give tips and instructions for beginner snowboarders.

ELMOLEARNING – Snowboarding Basics


The level system instructs you to learn snowboarding skills in the right order. At the end of each level there is a test to measure your learning progress. After completing the test you’ll be granted access to the next learning path with new videos to study on!

Information about us

We are fast growing Finnish (Lahti) organization with training and coaching software and applications.

Our team

Jarmo Erola Software developer, jarmo@elmospirit.fi
Mikko Auvinen PE teacher, mikko@elmospirit.fi
Tomi Karinkanta PE teacher, tomi@elmospirit.fi
Timo Aho PE teacher,  timo@elmospirit.fi